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"Getting money is like digging with a needle;
spending it is like water soaking into sand."

Japanese Proverb






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Ways to Earn Extra Money Online for Writers and Bloggers

The Write Stuff

There are many different ways you can make some extra cash by just working from home at your PC in your bunny slippers. While most people aren't going to be able to buy a new car or chuck their day jobs by writing part-time, are decent ways available to make some extra income without ever leaving your spare bedroom. If you are laid off, the ideas below might help to bring in some extra income until you can find a steady job. They are also great ideas for retired people or stay at home moms who would like to make a little extra income while still being able to stay home with the kids.

A writer at Info Barrel states he makes $1.75 per month per article, but could bump it up to $2.00. So in order to make $24,000 a year he would need to have 1,000 published articles, or 2,000 articles for $50,000 a year. If you are otherwise unemployed and can write an average of 20 articles a week, you could write 1,000 articles in a year and 2,000 articles in two years time. While not the fast track way to wealth, the Internet does make it possible for people who like to write a way to make a living.

The great part about working online from home is that for many types of work you can set your own hours. This works for me because my husband has a demanding job with a long commute and long work hours. If we both had jobs like he has then we would be burning the candle at both ends and would never see each other. The downside to working at home is that none of the jobs below have any benefits, the income is unpredictable and it can get boring sometimes just sitting and writing by yourself.

Get Paid to Write Web Articles or Blog Posts

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Crystal Ray writes about home decorating and green living for Associated Content and she earns more than $800 a month doing so. Ms. Ray says, "I set my own hours and write on topics I am interested in. I do not have to spend money commuting to and from work, and a baby-sitter is never a requirement." 1


The easiest way to make some extra money is to write articles for pay-for-content sites that will pay you for your article, and/or profit share with you the revenue earned by ads placed on your published articles.

A few of the better known places where you can get paid to write articles include:

  • Yahoo's Contributor Network - Submissions are evaluated for financial compensation, ranging from upfront offers to page-view bonuses.

  • Helium - Writers can earn extra income in several ways: 1) upfront payments for contributed work; 2) daily revenue share; and 3) writing contests. Top writers can earn money in three more ways: 1) citizen journalism awards; 2) published articles through their marketplace; and 3) professional journalism organizations.

  • Hubpages - writers earn money by signing up for Adsense and affiliate programs and putting program ads on their published articles.

The advantages of submitting articles to these types of programs include:

  • Many of these pay-for content sites already have good rankings, so your article may rank in Google without doing any extra work to promote it.

  • To get started all you need are decent writing skills and an article or two.

The disadvantages of writing web articles for money include:

  • Unless you are a fantastic and/or prolific writer, this is probably more money in making sites or blogs of your own. Though people with a flair for writing can make a decent extra income, sometimes articles sell for as little as $5 a pop.

  • You have no control over the domain itself where your articles are placed. So if the article site loses it search engine rankings for some reason, your articles get dragged down along with it. This will probably decrease your traffic and along with your traffic any future revenue sharing income you might be getting.

  • Your article may not get accepted. (However, if this happens, you can try submitting it somewhere else or simply put it on your own blog or web site.)

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On February 3, 2009, Helium announced record member earnings. Among those sharing in the pool of thousands of dollars is a former teacher from South Georgia. Holle Abee, a recently retired high school teacher, has earned over $5,000 by writing for Helium an average of one hour each day over the past six months. 2



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2. "Retired High School Teacher Earns $5K in Six Months Writing One Hour/Day for Helium." Business Wire. Business Wire. 2009.

Further Reading

1. "Pennies From Heaven Online Writing Platforms Attract New Writers with Small Fees and the Joy of Being Read.(Tech Smart)." Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI). Capital Newspapers. 2008.


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